Office printing has tremendous impact on environment. The average office employee consumes 10,000 pages of paper every year since it takes 60% of a tree to make a case of paper; each office worker consumes approximately 1.2 tress per year. Add to that greenhouse gasses emitted by the heavy Industries used to make paper, multiply that times the number of employees in your organization and you can see the printing can have a tremendous impact on environment.

Xerox Innovative Products, Services and Processes advance the sustainability effort ‑ delivering Social, Financial and Environmental benefits ‑ in our own operations and in our work places, communities in and around State of Qatar.

Xerox Managed Print Services (MPS) and other solutions make the workplace more productive, cost-effective and energy efficient by streamlining the equipment profile and documents processes.

Digital Production Technology and the variable print feature allow for personalization of output, proof without printing, and the ability to print as few or as many as needed, when needed, resulting in reduced energy, paper use, and the potential for excess inventory. Our production printers are designed with safety and the environment in mind, with emissions of chemicals, such as ozone and dust strictly controlled to the same level of Xerox office machines, well below regulatory requirements.

Emulsion Aggregation Toner (EA Toner) EA Toner is a breakthrough Xerox technology for producing toner. Its small particle size and uniform shape enables high quality images with less toner mass per page and lower fuser temperatures needed during printing. The manufacture of EA Toner generates 28% fewer GHGs than the manufacture of conventional toner.

By using such advanced technologies and procedures, DTC Xerox serves the State of Qatar with the best practices to save the Environment in all the ways.